Story of the Soul: Reach People Through Art

God is creative. He molds the mountains and paints every sunset. Everything we see is a testament to His artistic expression, so it’s no surprise that He can speak to our hearts through films, songs, books and even great design.

When we experience art, we reflect and compare it to our story. We dig into what we long for and look for answers to our questions. Through art, we tap into our soul’s desperate need for Jesus. 

That’s why we created Story of the Soul, an art outreach experience.

Story of the Soul is an interactive art event that you and your friends can host and customize. Using music, poetry, spoken word, pop culture, films, photography—anything you consider art—you can help people explore the story of their soul and hear the story of Jesus too. 

What’s in Your Kit?

Your Story of the Soul experience is designed to be uniquely yours: your event, your art, your script. The Story of the Soul kit shows you how to plan your event from start to finish and provides you with everything you need:

  • Planning worksheets
  • Sample event scripts
  • Discussion questions
  • Comment cards
  • A guide for hosting live, virtual events

The kit also shows you how to prepare fresh event scripts, write personal testimonies and transition from conversations about art to conversations about Jesus and the gospel. Get your copy of the Story of the Soul kit to get started. 

Here’s what people are saying about Story of the Soul:

“This is the most innovative way to present the hope of Jesus Christ.”

“Story of the Soul is a beautiful way to unfold the cry of the human heart … .”

One attendee wrote: “It was inspiring, deep. It made me think and realize that I want to change some things in my life. I am very happy I attended.”

You can help us take the message of Jesus to the world and to the nations in your own neighborhood!