Anchor believers in Christ with Beginning with Jesus

Form fruitful and joyful believers with the Beginning with Jesus strategy.

The JESUS film meets discipleship

Believers everywhere are using the JESUS film—one of the most effective evangelism tools ever—to share the gospel and tell the story of Jesus. After showing the JESUS film believers may wonder how to ground a believer in their faith with discipleship resources in their mother tongue—until now.

From meeting Christ to maturing in Him, the strategy they need is Beginning with Jesus.

Disciple in heart

Explore Foundational Truths

Experience Spiritual Growth

Foster Fruitful Believers

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How does Beginning with Jesus work?

The Beginning with Jesus strategy leverages more than 2,000 language translations of the JESUS film to help ground believers anywhere—from rural villages to metropolitan high rises.

Guided by a trained believer, individuals meet one-on-one or in small groups to watch stories from JESUS—each a powerful glimpse into Jesus’ life, teachings and miracles. Every story is paired with a dedicated lesson composed of key questions designed to foster growth in foundational truths of following Jesus—all in the language they learned from birth.

Through discipleship, believers are grounded in Christ for a lifetime of faithfulness.

Why are we excited about Beginning with Jesus?

To be able to have people learn foundational truths about who they are as believers is crucial to Christian growth and discipleship. Yet to be able to learn those truths in one’s heart language and see it demonstrated in the JESUS film segments adds so much more to the experience. 

When these truths are internalized, believers become empowered to not only grow in Christ themselves but also to become laborers to help fulfill the Great Commission. In addition, BWJ is designed so that it can easily be a springboard into additional “next steps” that a specific ministry may use.


In 2023, believers from multiple multiethnic churches wanted to reach immigrants and internationals in their communities. They planned to show the JESUS film in 5 different languages in New York City so people could hear the gospel in their heart language. However, they soon realized that they needed a follow up resource that would also be in those heart languages to help seekers and new believers understand the basics of what it means to be a follower of Jesus and how to grow spiritually. They were thrilled to use Beginning With Jesus as that tool. To date they have used BWJ in NYC, Atlanta, Dallas, and Virginia to reach people from India, Pakistan, Nepal and Latin America.