“File Zero” is a 14-part animated series designed to help you lead spiritual discussions with teenagers.

File Zero

“File Zero” is an animated 14-part video series set in a dystopian future. Follow a brave group who challenges the status quo in search of the truth! Developed by our partners in Europe (Agape Spain), “File Zero” engages teenage audiences with themes of truth, risk-taking, relationships and mistakes. If you are in youth ministry, “File Zero” was designed to help you! Check out the free study resources (including a leaders guide), and stream from your computer, our app, or download for yourself!

More about the “File Zero”

It is the year 23 of the New Era. The Elder controls the population through his strong dictatorship (his system of authority and surveillance is known as The System). He has encrypted the historical files and thus erased human history for the citizens. A group of brave hackers is determined to fight against the Elder’s System. They are decrypting the forbidden file in order to search for the key to File Zero; which is somehow linked to year zero of the old era. Unlocking File Zero is the key to help them restore their history and recover a sense of meaning and purpose.