“File Zero” is a 14-part animated series designed to help you lead spiritual discussions with teenagers.

Episode 1


Description: It is the year 23 of the New Era. The Elder controls the population through his strong dictatorship (his system of authority and surveillance is known as The System). He has encrypted the historical files and thus erased human history for the citizens. A group of brave hackers is determined to fight against the Elder’s System. They are decrypting the forbidden file in order to search for the key to File Zero; which is somehow linked to year zero of the old era. Unlocking File Zero is the key to help them restore their history and recover a sense of meaning and purpose.

Spiritual theme: the dangers of not knowing the truth

Scripture references: Matthew 7:24-27

Discussion Questions:

  1. Why do you think the Elder hides history from the population?
  2. In what ways do you think this is happening today?
  3. What are the consequences of not knowing the truth?

Topics Covered: Repressive, Fight, Truth, Search, Future, Control, Risk, Era, Key, Safety, Elder, File

Episode 2


Description: We learn how two bands of hackers, the Seekers and the Moles, must cooperate to rescue Ghora, a Seeker. Using technology that survived the Dark War, the hackers sent Ghora inside the file (as a virtual representation of her mind) to find the access code for File Zero, but she was trapped in the file when a security sweep from the System located her signal. The Seekers need the help of the Moles to bring back Ghora’s mind before her body gives out or she is killed by The System’s assassins, The Lookers.

Spiritual theme: take a risk

Scripture references: Matthew 14:22-32

Questions: What motivated the hackers to keep exploring File Zero despite the risk? What are the things in life worth taking a risk? When was the last time you took a risk for something important?

Topics Covered: Teamwork, Risk, Safety, Mission, Search, Elder, File

Episode 3


Description: Ergo and Cyro are inside the File Zero looking for Ghora when they discover a very different world. In a small village they find a mysterious character they refer to as “the Good Man.” Even though they know they are in a replay of history where they are silent observers, Ergo is sure the stranger has directly looked at him. They follow the Good Man to a house to learn why he acts as he does.

Spiritual theme: Jesus, the Good Man, came to save the ones that recognize they need restoration

Scripture references: Luke 5:27-32

Questions: Why do you think it is difficult for Cyro to understand the stranger really saw and talked   to Ergo? What is the stranger saying to the people in the house? What does he mean?

Topics Covered: Mystery, Follow, Search, Plan, Healing, Purpose, See, Interference, Elder, File

Episode 4


Description: Ergo and Cyro wake up in the Mole’s cave and Ergo tries to convince the rest of the   hackers that a man in the history file has helped lead them to Ghora’s tracer. His words produce three different reactions, as demonstrated by Cyro, Nador and Shadow

Spiritual theme: reactions to Jesus

Scripture references: Luke 9:18-21

Questions: Have you ever felt like Ergo in this episode (nobody believing what you say)? What is your reaction to Jesus? Would you say your reaction to Jesus is more like Cyro, Nador or Shadow? Why?

Topics Covered: Risk, See, Search, Interference, Risk, Safety, Scared, Tired, Lost, Elder, File

Episode 5


Description: Ergo and Shadow take Ghora out of the city so the Lookers from The System can’t find them. Ghora tells them one of the stories she heard from the Good Man; the story of a young man that left his father’s home, wasted his inheritance and becomes desperately poor. The young man decides to go back home without knowing how his father will react.

Spiritual theme: God forgives

Scripture references: Luke 15:11-32

Questions: Why does The System keep the hackers from knowing their parents? The story the Good Man told is a story about forgiveness. What is the hardest thing about asking for forgiveness? Forgiveness gives the possibility of starting from zero. Have you experienced this kind of forgiveness?

Topics Covered: Revolutionary, Search, See, Personal, Risk, Prodigal, Family, Interference, Safety, Elder, File

Episode 6


Description: Shadow and Ergo fight against the Lookers and Shadow becomes injured. They need a place to hide and Ghora tells them the Good Man has been killed. She suggests they will be safe if they hide at his grave site. Everything seems lost when Shadow and Ergo find out the Good Man has been killed.

Spiritual theme: Jesus died for a reason

Scripture references: Luke 23:44-53

Questions: Why does Ghora now call him the Good Master? Why does Ghora think The Good Master was killed? Why do you think Jesus died?

Topics Covered: Fight, Key, Safety, Master, Killed, Elder, File

Episode 7


Description: The hackers get to the grave of the Good Master. At the grave they meet Silver, a friend Shadow has met before. Silver is a messenger who tells them the Good Man is alive and that he is the key. Silver encourages them to continue their search for freedom.

Spiritual theme: Jesus is the way

Scripture references: Luke 24:1-12, John 14:1-6

Questions: Why does Silver say the Good Master died? What do you think he means? What does Silver mean when he says that Jesus is the way?

Topics Covered: Key, Light, Alive, Grave, Master, Safety, Save, Life, Elder, File

Episode 8


Description: Ergo wakes up (from being in File Zero) with the tracers so that Serator, Karton and Nador can head to the Seekers headquarters to rescue Ghora. Silver tells Shadow and Ghora that the Good Master is the son of God and He is the truth.

Spiritual theme: Jesus is the truth

Scripture references: John 8:31-38

Questions: Who does Silver say the Good Master is? Why do you think it is important to know the truth about something? What does it mean that the Jesus is the truth?

Topics Covered: Recover, Son, Lord, Life, Healing, Free, Powerful, Search, Rescue, Truth, Grave, Elder, File

Episode 9


Description: The hackers bring back Ghora from File Zero but unfortunately they are too late; Ghora dies for her friends. The System is tracking them relentlessly so the hackers must hide in the dead forest.

Spiritual theme: Jesus is a friend who knows you more deeply than any other person

Scripture references: John 15:12-17

Questions: What are the words of the Good Man that Ghora says before she dies? What makes a friend a good friend? Is it possible to become friends with Jesus? How?

Topics Covered: Friend, Death, Sacrifice, Good, Man, Attack, Forrest, Help, Escape, Monster, Elder, File

Episode 10


Description: Shadow escapes from the System and the hackers take her back home with the password; the backup of the key file is done! At the System headquarters, the Elder discovers that Shadow is Remi’s daughter and he meets with a disturbing informer.

Spiritual theme: Father-child relationships

Scripture references: Ephesians 6:1-4

Questions: Why does the Elder think he has created a better system for parents and their relationships with their children? What do you think about this idea? What is the key for a good relationship between parents and their sons/daughters? What kind of relationship does God, our Father, have with us?

Topics Covered: Blessed, Track, Search, Sheep, Shepherds, Danger, Search, Children, Burden, Informant, Destroy, Son, Elder, File

Episode 11


Description: The Seekers and Moles are back together again and they make a plan to recruit other hackers to help unlock File Zero for everyone. Nador stays with Shadow and she tells him how she found the password; the key was how Ghora heard the Good Man telling the story about a lost sheep.

Spiritual theme: we are the lost sheep

Scripture references: Luke 15:1-7

Questions: What’s the decision Shadow made? Why does Shadow say “we are the lost sheep”? What does it look like to be lost in the same way as the Good Man’s story in today’s world?

Topics Covered: Good, Man, Search, Find, Master, Authority, Son, Lord, Life, Believe, Death, Alive, Created, Purpose, Free, Knowledge, Truth, Shepherd, Lost, Sheep, Elder, File

Episode 12


Description: The hackers are listening to Nador’s plan: Break into the System headquarters to decrypt File Zero using the “mother” computer so everyone can access it. The mission seems impossible but the rebels are prepared to fight for their freedom.

Spiritual theme: the price of freedom

Scripture references: Mark 10:17-31

Questions: Why is it important for the rebels to release the truth to everybody? How would you define freedom? Is there always a “price to pay” for freedom? Why?

Topics Covered: Mission, Danger, Knowledge, Good, Bad, Reason, Decide, Price, Plan, Confusion, Fight, Live, Die, Unity, Freedom, Elder, File

Episode 13


Description: Nador, Shadow, Karton and Cyro get inside The System headquarters. Karton starts the decryption and backup from the “mother” computer, but there are two unexpected visitors.

Spiritual theme: facing mistakes

Scripture references: Luke 19:1-10

Questions: Why did Cyro betray his friends? What should Cyro have done instead of his tragic actions? Why is facing our mistakes so hard?

Topics Covered: See, Agreement, Betrayal, Friend, Ideals, Mother, Kill, Elder, File

Episode 14


Description: Cyro runs away ashamed of what he’s done while the rest of the hackers gather at the System headquarters. It’s time to tell the truth to everybody.

Spiritual theme: everybody needs to know the truth

Scripture references: Matthew 28:16-20, Matthew 5:13-14

Questions: What is Nador’s speech about? Are there people around you that don’t know who Jesus really is? How can you share the File Zero series to help them know the Good Man?

Topics Covered: Betrayal, Friend, Fight, Dead, Battle, Elder, Good, Bad, File, Purpose