Mission 865

In every language, to every people.

Recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the most-translated film in history, the JESUS film has been dubbed into more than 2,000 languages. But there are still language groups that don’t have the JESUS film in their language. 

Some are oral languages, which makes it nearly impossible for its speakers to engage with the message of the gospel through the Bible. Others are spoken by people in remote villages who don’t often get access to written materials. That’s why we created Mission 865.

What is Mission 865?

Mission 865 makes the story of Jesus accessible to every people group in their heart language, by translating the JESUS film into 2,000+ languages. With each translation, we break language, literacy and accessibility barriers and introduce people to Jesus. 

Started in 2010, Mission 865 is one of our largest ongoing initiatives. We’re still working toward it today because we believe every person—no matter how hard to reach—should hear Jesus say “I love you” in their heart language. 

How Film Advances the Mission

The JESUS film changes the lives of those who watch it because of its visual storytelling. Visual storytelling captivates from the start. Not only do viewers hear Jesus speak to them in their heart language, but they also see His life play out on screen.  For many, JESUS is the first film they will ever see, and it’s the only way they may learn about Jesus.

Get Involved

You can help advance Mission 865 too. So far, our partners have helped us translate and deliver the gospel to more than 600 language groups—plus some smaller language groups along the way.

Together, we can get closer to fulfilling the Great Commission in our lifetime. Help support the translation of a film.