From Watching JESUS to Knowing Jesus

Plant, multiply and grow faith communities anywhere, with the Knowing Jesus strategy.

JESUS the world over

Believers everywhere are using the JESUS film—one of the most effective evangelism tools today—to share the gospel and tell the story of Jesus. JESUS is available in more than 2,000 languages and millions have made decisions to follow Christ after encountering God’s love through the film in their heart language.

After showing the JESUS film, believers may wonder how to build a faith community for those who’ve watched. But discipleship resources simply may not exist in their mother tongue. If available, these materials could evoke a deeper understanding and connection with their new faith. From the initial discovery of Jesus, to the discipleship of new believers with a heart to multiply, the strategy they need is Knowing Jesus.


Knowing Jesus  breaks up the JESUS film into 61 short segments that each share a story about Jesus. Every story is paired with a dedicated lesson you can use to help new believers and seekers grow in their understanding of Jesus—all in the language they learned on their mother’s knee.

Disciple in heart

Lead missional

Raise up multiplying

Plant a new faith

The JESUS film meets discipleship

Use Knowing Jesus to take the gospel anywhere—from rural villages to metropolitan high rises. The strategy helps you use the JESUS film for more than just evangelism so you can facilitate others’ spiritual growth in discipleship and multiplying faith communities.

How does it work? Steered by their leader, new believers and seekers gather regularly to watch stories from JESUS—each a powerful glimpse into Jesus’ life, teachings and miracles. Believers develop strong bonds as they explore their new life in Christ together, while new spiritual leaders are raised up to multiply.

The Knowing Jesus Strategy

  • Engage your group in discussion to discover Jesus.
  • Identify a faithful believer to mentor, called a “Timothy.”
  • Equip your Timothy to launch a new faith community.
  • Send your Timothy to launch their new group.
  • Your Timothy identifies a new faithful believer to mentor (their Timothy), whom they empower to multiply and launch their own faith community.

How believers are using Knowing Jesus

In 2019, believers in Central and South America showed the JESUS film among Indigenous communities approximately 500 times. Through the work of the Holy Spirit, around 1,000 people indicated decisions for Christ after the JESUS film showings. 

Believers followed up with Indigenous communities after the film, inviting them to weekly gatherings to watch and discuss JESUS clips together. Over time the missional communities grew to become 25 new churches.

After seeing JESUS in Shawi in Peru, one Indigenous woman, Miguelina, expressed her gratitude: “Thank you very much. Now I have met Jesus, because I have known the life of the son of God.”