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Relationship Trumps Fame

Relationship Trumps Fame

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Kaka, a world-famous football athlete makes an appearance, sharing a bit of his story; specifically the significance of his relationship with God. Through guidance of people in positions of spiritual leadership, Kaka learned some basic and important things to grow in his relationship with God. First, he has seen how the Word of God is a way God speaks to us. And prayer is how we communicate back to Him – like talking with a friend. Giving thanks, making requests and many other things – God cares about them all. Prayer is essential to the Christian life. Another important element in a growing spiritually is fellowship and community with other believers. Sharing life and watching God at work in others demonstrates His active presence in the lives of His creation. Jesus also told us, "Go and preach the gospel to all nations" – be His witness and make a difference in this world, sharing what God has done in your life. If you’d like to learn more about how to grow in your faith and relationship with God, visit for more materials. Questions: - Thinking about the friendships you have, what things do you do to develop and make them deeper? - Do you see similarities in ways that could overflow to a relationship with God? - Kaka and Bosco mentioned several important actions for growing in your relationship with God: reading and studying the Bible, prayer, community and sharing what God has done in your life. Which of these seems "easiest" for you? Which one might be challenging for you? Can I tell you which one I enjoy most?