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The Last Supper

The Last Supper

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Passover is about to begin. Jesus sends Peter and John ahead to prepare the Passover meal. Jesus sits with them and looks at all of them. He tells them how glad He is to share the meal before he suffers. Jesus takes his cup and prays to God. As when He prayed over the bread and fish, He thanks God for the blessing of the fruit of the vine that God brings forth. He passes it to the nearest disciple and tells them all to drink it. Jesus reaches for a piece of bread and prays again. He thanks God for bringing bread from the earth and breaks it. He passes the two pieces to the disciples and claims that the bread represents His body that's given for them. They should eat and remember Him. The cup is still being passed around. Jesus says that the cup of wine is a new testament in His blood and it's shed for them.