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Mariam and her friend Daliyah visit Rivka. But Rivka and her husband fight over his work as a tax collector. Rivka apologizes and asks to walk back with Mariam. Rivka and Sara talk while they clean wool. Sara explains that she is tired from being pregnant and she and her husband Ayoub had hoped to move closer to his family. She's frustrated because she feels stuck waiting, and far from God. Rivka assures her that even Jesus's disciples felt alone sometimes. She mentions the time when the disciples were in a boat with Jesus. A storm came up over the lake and Jesus stayed asleep. The boat was taking on water and the disciples were about to die. So they woke Jesus up and asked if He cared about them. Jesus calmed the storm. But He rebuked them for having little faith. It was okay to be afraid. But they had doubted whether He cared for them. Soldiers knock at the door and have a summons for Moussa. He's to report to Beirut for work. Mariam insists on taking the summons to Moussa in the fields. Sara says this is one more thing to worry about and wonders where God is in all their troubles. Rivka uses the dirty wool to illustrate. Sara sees dirty wool now, but she also sees the beautiful rug she'll make from it. Rivka says God sees us now, but He can also see what we will be. She says Paul, an apostle of Jesus, calls us God's handiwork.