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In the Family

In the Family

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Rivka is a friend and mentor to a family as they deal with political and personal conflict. Mariam, a young girl, and her brother Noah run to Rivka's home for help. Laila, Mariam's mother, is sick. Rivka prays to God in Jesus's name for Laila to be healed. Rivka assures Mariam that God cleanses people with the death and resurrection of Jesus. Anyone who accepts Jesus is at peace with God. Moussa, Mariam's father, comes in to check on Laila. He's disappointed to see Rivka there and tells Mariam that Rivka should go. Mariam wonders if God could accept someone so selfish. Rivka tells her the story of the prodigal son. Rivka says God receives any lost person the same way, with open arms. Rivka tries to assure Mariam that there is hope in hard times.