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StoryClubs: Jairus' Daughter

StoryClubs: Jairus' Daughter

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Crowds press in on Jesus as He leaves the synagogue. One voice rises above the others. A man, Jairus, begs Jesus to save his sick, 12-year-old daughter. Another man runs up to Jairus. He tells him not to bother the teacher, that his daughter has died. Jesus turns and tells him not to be afraid. And that if Jairus would believe, his daughter would be well. Jesus and the disciples visit the family. The neighbors wail for the loss of the daughter. She lies lifeless on a cot. Jesus looks at her for a moment. Then He looks to the child’s mother and comforts her. He says the child isn't dead, but that she’s actually just asleep. Jesus sits and looks at the girl for a moment, then tells her to rise. To download the entire lesson, go to: