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Honoring Dr. Billy Graham

Today we celebrate a life well lived. Dr. Billy Graham has finished his earthly service and has passed into the presence of God. First and foremost, Dr. Graham lived a life of moral integrity that stands as an example to all who want to serve God. Moreover, Dr. Graham long ago recognized the impact that various forms of media had on people and culture, both as a method for communication and as a means to influence opinions-to change hearts and minds. Much as he used a microphone to amplify his voice to reach those present in a stadium, he leveraged all the various forms of media that could be utilized in the presentation of the gospel, from the printed page, to radio broadcasts, then to television and motion pictures, extending all of that around the world via satellite and then Internet. Jesus Film Project staff join today with Dr. Graham’s family and friends in honoring this man of God.

Rev. Graham’s impact for the Kingdom was significant. What are some ways that his ministry personally made an impact in your life?

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