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Jesus is Betrayed and Arrested

Jesus is Betrayed and Arrested

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The council of the Jewish elders meets to see how they can get rid of Jesus. Meanwhile, Jesus sits with the rest of His followers and tells them to pray against temptation. Judas arrives at the council and counts out his pieces of silver. Jesus walks off alone so that He can pray. He asks His Heavenly Father to take the burden of His cup away from Him. But He says He'd rather have God's will than His own be done. As Jesus continues to pray, His sweat became like great drops of blood. He rises from prayer and returns to the disciples. But they're asleep. A crowd of Jews approaches Him. Judas leads the way and gets close to Jesus. He kisses Him on the cheek. The disciples lunge forward asking if they should go to battle. Peter runs forward and cuts the ear off one of the men. Jesus heals the man and stops the brawl. He asks why they come with clubs. And Jesus is arrested.