Internet evangelism

People search the Internet for answers to all kinds of life problems. We’re making it easier for them to find Jesus as they search.

Sharing JESUS online

The Internet has made it easier than ever before to share the good news of Jesus with others. Whereas ministry workers used to wait for boxes of JESUS Film DVDs to ship to them, now anyone can watch the film anytime online or on the Jesus Film Media App!

Digital distribution is key to our goal of reaching 5 billion people with the message of Jesus by 2025. This means we have a great need for building and supporting the apps, websites (like this one), social media pages, and other online tools it will take to put JESUS on the screens of those who need to see the film.

The need is great—and the online mission field is growing more and more each year. When people are looking for answers to life’s hard questions, they don’t always come to church to learn the answers. In fact, many people rely on search engines like Google to find answers, advice, and options.

They are searching for answers to hard questions—questions about Jesus or questions that ultimately lead to Jesus. For example, every month, there are 40,500 Google searches in the USA for “How to be happy.”

We want to find ways to show the online world that Jesus is the answer.

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