Strategies for Women

Helping Women Everywhere See Jesus

This is where you can find strategies and tools for bringing the story of Jesus to women.

Watch and Share

Enjoy a variety of films produced by and for women to help you grow in your faith. Then share them with those you love and those you encounter so they can grow too. It’s easy!

Gather and Grow

Our Bible studies, inspired by our films, will create a dynamic atmosphere for growth and enrichment in any setting.

Reach Your Community

Grab the popcorn!  Everyone loves a movie.  Share Jesus by hosting a movie night at your home or church.  We'll show you how!

Stories from our blog

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Passing Her Faith to Her Children

Susana's* children were crying, begging for her permission to go to the nearest satellite phone, a two-mile hike through the jungle. ...

3 days ago · Following Jesus

5 Lessons from the Apostle Thomas

The disciples were ordinary, everyday people. The more we learn about them, the better we understand the New Testament—and howJesus used ...