Official Jesus Film Project Ministry Statistics – October 24, 2016

"Helping provide media tools, training and strategies for abundant follow-through evangelism in every needed language"

The Statistics are released periodically and include the number of "JESUS" film languages available and more.

Translation Progress
"JESUS" (classic version):
"The Story of Jesus" (audio):
"The Story of Jesus for Children":
  "Magdalena: Released From Shame": 157
  "My Last Day": 139
  "Following Jesus": 11
  "Walking with Jesus": 12
  "Rivka": 13
Total number of languages available1:
Cumulative Exposures/Decisions/Products Distributed Since 1979
Indicated decisions for Christ following a film showing:   
more than 200 million
All products, including film, video and audio3:
more than 60 million
Ministry Strategies
Countries where JFP funded ministry activity in 20153:
Jesus Film Media
2015 (YTD) Jesus Film Media platform views (all channels, excluding YouTube) 4,920,852
2015 (YTD) Jesus Film Media app new installs (includes Android and iOS) 71,304
Video clips available 83,309
Includes all versions. In some cases, an audio-only version is completed without the classic video to more effectively reach selected language groups.
Includes all versions and multiple exposures per viewer. Based on estimated data.
3 Based on allocations made.



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