StoryClubs: The Tomb is Empty - English

StoryClubs: The Tomb is Empty

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StoryClubs: The Tomb is Empty
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Discussion Questions

  1. What part of the story did you really like?
  2. What choices did God make in the story? How do you feel about these choices?
  3. Walk through the story through the perspective of the women and / or Peter coming to the tomb. What emotions were they feeling? What do you think they were wondering about on their way home?
  4. Is there a situation in your family or here in the community that makes you fearful? What would God want to say to you just as He spoke to the women through the angels?
  5. Something I learned about Jesus is …. What difference will this make in how you love and live for (serve) Him?
  6. Who can you share this story with this week?