Jesus Film Project Global Impact

Masterworks Executive Summary of Research

Through a research project performed in conjunction with an independent third-party research firm, Masterworks, we have developed a clearer picture of the historic global impact of Jesus Film Project®.

The research process focused on three measures of the impact of the Jesus Film Project: Viewership, Indicated Decisions to follow Jesus and Churches/multiplying communities formed.

After collecting as much raw data as is available for each of these metrics, Masterworks employed a process of exploration, sampling, calculation, and validation.

Exploration focused on one year, 2015, as a basis for calculation. It included the discovery and study of all possible scenarios by which people view JFP films, including live showings, online viewing and viewings via physical media like DVDs/SD cards.

Sampling included analyzing data using Jesus Film Project internal data sources and quantitative primary research (surveying). Survey sources included (but were not limited to) Cru teams, partner missions and church denominations, individuals who purchased products from our global store, and those who may use our films from online sources.

The measurement phase analyzed the data from exploration and sampling to calculate the total impact by product.

Validation included a final interview process to confirm the findings with Jesus Film Project leadership. All assumptions were tested by comparing our findings in relation to impact reports from other ministries using Jesus Film® titles and validating those findings by World Christian Database reports.

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