3 Ways Sharing the Gospel Matures Us

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We tend to think that fulfilling the Great Commission is simply about introducing others to Jesus. It’s something we’re expected to do for the world’s benefit. And there’s some truth to that. We do share our faith so others can know the joy of being reconciled with God.

But what if there’s more to it than that? What if God uses evangelism as a tool to mature us, too? Here are three ways that we benefit from sharing our faith.

1. We grow in our understanding of the gospel

The more time you spend introducing others to Jesus, the more you find yourself confronted with interesting and thoughtful questions. These questions propel you to spend more time in God’s Word and challenge you to learn more about your faith.

The first couple of times someone shares their faith, it’s uncomfortable. But the more you do it, the easier it becomes. And it’s not just more natural because you get used to doing it. You also begin understanding your faith better and grow more comfortable expressing it.

This is great when it comes to sharing your faith, but one huge side effect of getting a better handle on the gospel is that you grow in your faith and relationship with Jesus.

2. We get to see God use us

Faith is like a muscle-if you use it, it grows. Sharing the gospel requires faith because we’re putting ourselves in a position where the final result isn’t up to us. We present the gospel, the Spirit draws them, and they respond. But when these factors come together, and someone chooses to follow Jesus, it’s spectacular. And the excitement that comes from being part of that process is invigorating.

The more you stretch your faith by putting yourself in positions where God can use you, the more He will. And when you see God ministering to others through you, you’ll want to see it happen again.

3. We get to see God move in the lives of others

Not everyone has an amazing testimony of God delivering them from despair, addiction, or a wayward life. Some people were blessed to grow up in households with faithful parents who loved the Lord and taught them to do the same. Others may have had dramatic conversion experiences, but over time, they forget what a huge difference Jesus has made in their life.

Evangelism allows everyone an opportunity to see God change lives. Sometimes those changes are incredibly dramatic, and sometimes they’re marked by small incremental changes. But either way, by sharing the gospel, we’re regularly exposed to the transforming power of the gospel-and that’s incredibly important.

As believers, we live by faith and not by sight. But in the transforming power of the gospel, we get to see God at work. When you regularly get to see lives changed by Jesus, it’s like witnessing the aftermath of a hurricane. You may never be able to see the wind, but there’s no denying it’s real because you can see the effects.

Sharing our faith grows us

Evangelism changes lives and builds the kingdom, but it’s more than a discipline we do to bless others. It also stretches and matures us personally. As followers of Jesus, we’re being transformed into His likeness-and He uses our faithfulness and obedience to facilitate that growth! Learn more about spiritual growth here.