Paid to Betray Their Country

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Nadia and Neesha* are two women in Central Asia who are passionate about sharing their faith. In the face of great danger, they would secretly hand out Bibles and tell others about Jesus, even though their country was hostile toward Christianity.

One day they spoke to a man who was an undercover policeman. He arrested them and discovered eight Bibles in their purses. Sitting in a basement jail and fearing for their lives, they began to pray.

Then Nadia said, “I read that when Paul was in prison, he sang. So let’s sing!”

One of the prisoners down the hall yelled, “You’re crazy! They are going to rape you both and then kill you. How can you sing?”

But the women kept singing praises to God. Suddenly, the undercover officer came down the stairs. He unchained them and took them to a private room for interrogation.

“You risked everything to give these Bibles away. You have betrayed your country and your family. No one would risk all this unless being paid a lot of money. Who is paying you to do this?”

Nadia replied, “You are right, someone did pay for us to do this. I will tell you everything.”

“Who is it?” the man pressed.

“His name is Jesus, and He gave His life to save mine.” Nadia continued sharing all she knew about Christ and how He came to save the world.

Finally, the policeman interrupted, “Stop! If you keep talking, I’ll end up believing this story too.”

With that, he returned the eight Bibles to Nadia and Neesha and, incredibly, released them to go. Astonished and suddenly standing free outside the prison, the two women quickly separated, each going a different way in case they were being followed.

As soon as Neesha turned the corner and was out of view from the prison, she ran face to face into the undercover officer. She stopped and gasped. He had been waiting for her at the prison’s back entrance.

“Give me one of those Bibles!” he whispered.

“Excuse me?”

“May I please have one of your Bibles? I must know more about this Jesus.”

Neesha smiled, dug down into her purse, and handed him a copy, along with a card giving instructions on how to download the Jesus Film® app.

“Thank you,” he said and then he disappeared inside.

Nadia and Neesha need your prayers as they continue to risk everything to spread the gospel. You can download the Jesus Film app here.

*For security reasons, Nadia and Neesha’s names are changed and the story is a composite of two different incidents.