Using the Power of Film to Change Lives

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Last year we shared the exciting announcement that we’d reached the 2,000th translation for the JESUS film. Each of those translations means that a whole new people group has access to the gospel in their heart language

We’re so used to hearing large numbers thrown around that it’s easy to miss the significance of news like this. But it’s pretty wild to actually consider the enormity of 2,000 translations. The JESUS film came out in 1979, and if you think about it, that works itself out to about 46 translations a year. 

How is that even possible? This 3.5-minute video helps to unpack the process. 

The power of film to communicate the gospel

Film impacts people in ways that text and other media cannot, especially in cultures that are more reliant on oral communication. In fact, the JESUS film has been translated into languages that don’t even have a written language. 

When people experience Jesus’ story in the language their family spoke at home (we call this “heart language”), it breaks down barriers and makes people receptive to the gospel in a transformational way. 

JESUS changes lives 

It’s challenging to communicate the impact that the JESUS film has had on lives around the world. Sure, we could talk about the more than 633 million people who have indicated a decision to follow Jesus after experiencing a Christ-centered film in their heart language, but it’s hard even to fathom a number like that. 

It’s difficult to grasp that those numbers represent real individuals touched by Jesus. People who take this story back to their families, towns and villages. And that’s not just the impact on people who have watched the film. Many people from each culture work with our teams in a variety of ways, including voice acting.

For an example, check out Amad’s story.

In fact, take some time to check out our collection of changed-lives stories. They genuinely help turn raw numbers into actual people experiencing genuine change.

There is still work to do  

We wouldn’t have been able to reach this landmark without the support and partnership of people like you. The work of translating and recording JESUS for people all over the world continues, and we need people like you to pray for and support this work. Please consider how you can give to support the work of Jesus Film Project®.