5 Christians You Should Spend More Time With

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We all have different strengths and weaknesses. Some aspects of following Christ may come naturally to you, while others may feel like a constant struggle. Thankfully, God doesn’t ask us to do this alone. Christianity is meant to be pursued in community. As we follow Christ together, we can learn and grow through the unique experiences, strengths, and gifts God has given to others.

Maybe there’s a discipline you need to get better at. Or a role you don’t feel equipped for. Spending time with Christians who focus on these areas empowers us to grow in them, too. By investing our time, we observe how they respond to situations, how they overcome obstacles, and follow Jesus in this way.

Here are five Christians you should spend more time with.

1. The Prayer Warrior

Some Christians have devoted a lot of time and energy to the discipline of prayer. They’re quick to share their burdens, joys, frustrations, desires, and thankfulness with God, seeking His wisdom and inviting Him to participate in their lives. Prayer is how they process life, wrestle with circumstances, and prepare for the situations they face. When you spend more time with someone who takes prayer seriously, you’ll come away with tools and wisdom you can bring into your own prayer life.

2. The Evangelist

We’re all called to spread the gospel. But some Christians are especially good at it. They naturally seek out opportunities to have conversations about faith with non-believers, and they intentionally spend time with those who don’t know Christ. Evangelism is something many Christians struggle with, in many cases, because they don’t feel equipped to do it well.

Spending time with evangelists will help you see how they’ve addressed their own fears and reservations, what they’ve done to equip themselves, and how they handle the challenges that come their way. And since there are so many ways to carry out evangelism, spend time with someone who takes it seriously and models it in a way that you could see yourself doing.

3. The Neighbor

Jesus’ parable gives us a powerful portrayal of what it means to be a neighbor, and who we should consider our neighbors. Spend more time with Christians who live out their faith in the way they care for others—especially those who will never be able to return the favor. When you hang out with someone who embodies what it means to be a good neighbor, you’ll begin to see more of the everyday opportunities you have to express Christ’s love through compassion.

4. The Discipler

Discipleship is hard. It’s a relationship that requires us to invest in others and equip them to live and love like Christ. Sometimes it means walking alongside people while they face difficult circumstances. Or helping them navigate frustrating relationships. Often, discipleship forces us to confront problematic behavior, perspectives, and situations. Spending more time with a great disciple-maker will help you see how to draw out the best from others and equip them to handle whatever comes their way.

5. The Counselor

Some Christians are incredible listeners. They’re compassionate, attentive, and affirming. When people aren’t sure what to do or just need to process something, they turn to these counselors for support and guidance. By living life with other people, you’ll inevitably find yourself in positions to comfort and empower others. And if you spend more time with someone who’s good at being there for other people, you’ll be better equipped to love like Jesus when people are hurting or lost.

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