From Fear to Fervor

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Young and passionate about his new relationship with God, Jae-Sun* started sharing Christ with his friends and family when he was 21. But after years of being dismissed and rebuffed, he began to shy away from evangelism. When he joined East Asia’s* Campus Crusade for Christ (SKCCC) staff, Jae-Sun’s fear of witnessing only grew.

He realized he needed help to get from fear to fervor in sharing his faith.

Jae-Sun attended a Campus Gateway Strategy training session where he learned how to use the Jesus Film Project® app to relate to people through short films. But he still had doubts. As part of the training, Jae-Sun and another staff member visited a nearby campus to practice what they’d learned. They approached a student named Sung-Ki, who was walking to class. Jae-Sun gathered his courage. He introduced himself and asked to show him some short films. His face lighting up, Sung-Ki agreed. Jae-Sun showed the student “Ctrl Z,” a video about undoing the mistakes we make in life.

When the video ended, Jae-Sun asked, “Do you have any moments in your life that you want to return to?”

Sung-Ki immediately opened up about his academic struggles. After a long conversation, Jae-Sun shared another video depicting Jesus’s interaction with the Samaritan woman at the well (John 4:4-42).

After watching the clip, Jae-Sun asked the student, “Do you want to know more about Jesus?” Sung-Ki did, so Jae-Sun showed him a video produced by SKCCC that relays the concepts of the Four Spiritual Laws booklet.

Jae-Sun then explained how Christ forgives our mistakes and helps us start fresh no matter our pasts. At that, Sung-Ki surrendered his life to Christ.

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*Names and locations changed for security.