God: The Master Troubleshooter

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Recently, Jesus Film Project® staff had the opportunity to provide materials and support for a large conference held in a country in East Asia antagonistic to the gospel.

About 900 nationals attended to be encouraged, equipped, and trained in the latest security measures, as well as receive evangelism tools in their heart language.

A donor provided micro-SD cards for the attendees as a discreet way of getting the “JESUS” film back into the country.

With little time to prepare, one staff member, Sean*, brought the SD duplicator to his home so he and his wife could start loading batches of cards.

But the machine was not working. Sean tried all the troubleshooting directions without success. The machine seemed broken. With hundreds of micro-SD cards to duplicate and only one night to get the job done, the couple stopped and prayed.

“We asked God to fix the machine; we claimed God’s peace and prayed for the millions who had yet to hear the gospel. As soon as we finished praying, the SD duplicator began to work!”

With God intervening just in time, Sean and his wife finished as many batches as they could that night. The next morning before school, their children helped load the SD duplicator with still more cards.

Sean says, “We boasted to our kids of God’s provision the night before. What an honor it was to worship the Lord as a family and serve the saints working in this country, closed to the gospel. By equipping believers with our films, they can reach their people.”

With no time to spare, all the SD cards were filled and distributed to grateful workers. Thanks to generous partnerships of prayer and giving, the good news is being distributed all over the world.

PRAYER POINT: Pray for the safe delivery of the SD cards into the hands of individuals hungry for the gospel.

*Name changed for security purposes.