Help People Grow Spiritually with “Days of Jesus”

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Are you looking for a tool specifically designed to help you deepen your spiritual life? How about a  resource you can use with your small group or ministry? Don’t look any further than “Days with Jesus.”

Created as a partnership between Jesus Film Project® and MentorLink International, this series features three-to-five-minute video segments from the JESUS film. Short vignettes from the film are followed with deliberately chosen and worded questions designed to provoke thought and encourage reflection, discussion, and practical application.

And the videos are available in 27 languages, including Mandarin Chinese, Italian, French, Tagalog, and Urdu.

Among the “Days with Jesus” video series, you’ll find the following studies:

Days with Jesus: Prayer

These videos focus on prayer-oriented moments in Jesus’ life and help viewers uncover ways to have a more robust and fulfilling prayer life. These vignettes include:

  • Cry for mercy
    How did Jesus respond to the pleas of a blind man?
  • Family Crisis
    A synagogue official named Jairus asks for Jesus to heal his daughter.
  • Storms of Life
    How did moments of desperation turn into opportunities to cry out to Jesus?

7 Days with Jesus: Grace

In His mercy, Jesus reached out to humanity when our hearts were set against God’s will. Grace is a critical topic for Christians to understand and model. This seven-video section helps viewers wrap their minds around this subject. Videos include:

8 Days with Jesus: Who Is Jesus?

“Who is Jesus?” is one of the most important questions we can answer. These eight videos equip you to enhance and deepen your understanding of Jesus, the Son of God. Viewers will learn:

Visit the “Days of Jesus” if you’re interested in discovering more of this empowering content, or pass this post onto ministry leaders who may be able to benefit from these helpful resources!