Hope for Sinners

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My name is Dorcas. This is the name I adopted after I met Jesus. My life has been full of toil, an endless search for that which would give me peace-until now.

Familiar With Fear

I was born into a family that practiced a traditional African religion; we prayed to dead people through spirit mediums. I grew up making endless sacrifices in this religion. Because of these practices, I was afraid I could be attacked by evil spirits at any time. I had no peace!

When I was 14 my country went through a horrible period of ethnic killings that left thousands dead. The details are too traumatic to talk about.

After these incidents I did not know what to believe. I was seeking the meaning of life and the reason to live. So I decided to join another religion, but things did not get better. The answers I got and the treatment I was given led me into depression and sin.

“Why Should I Bother?”

While worshiping in this religion, I was told that women were not important and that we were only to serve the needs of men. What hurt me most was being told that women would not go to heaven as it was only meant for men. I asked myself why I should bother trying to live a “holy” life and pray five times a day if there was no reward in heaven for me?

For 10 years I was stuck in this religion with so much abuse and hurt that I do not know why I did not renounce it sooner. I slipped into sin and people began to associate me with the worst of sinners. I was looked down upon. I began to despise myself. I sensed that I had reached the end of my life, and I was desperate to end it.

Changed by a Movie

Then I was invited by one of the women in my community to watch a movie. I was hesitant to go since I knew the attitude of the community towards me, but she assured me that only a few of us would be there. The “Magdalena” film changed me. That was the best afternoon of my life!

In the movie I saw a man who respected women, who did not judge them by their past, who carried their burdens and gave them living water. He cared enough about a woman, despised by her community, to speak with her and ask her for a drink. I wanted that living water too.

“This is my New Life!”

When the curtain was torn in two during the crucifixion scene in the movie, something in my heart broke, I found myself in tears. I was told that the torn curtain represented the truth, that everyone-even every woman-now had access to God through Jesus Christ and those who believed in Him would go to heaven! I gladly accepted Jesus as my Savior and felt the need to tell others about this wonderful Man.

I have now been trained to share the gospel through stories from the “Magdalena” movie. This is especially effective among illiterate woman. In nine months I have been able to disciple five people who are now discipling their own five people. In the next month my disciples have told me, they will be sending their disciples to make other disciples.

How my life has changed! I am fulfilled. My dignity is restored; my confidence is restored. I want others to experience the peace I have. And to experience the joy of introducing others to Christ. I want women to know there is hope, forgiveness of sin and restoration through Jesus! This is my new life-a life worth living!

To experience the joy of introducing others to Christ, why don’t you share the link to “Magdalena: Released From Shame” on your social media platforms and see who God will allow you to influence?