Hope from Salvation, Not Healing

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Charles stood outside the east African hospital in disbelief. The news had just come: Another family member was dead. This was the fifth death in his family this year alone. Charles was getting tired of burying his relatives. Plus, the doctors called each death a mystery, frustrating Charles even more.

No matter how often he prayed to Allah, tragedy struck his family again and again. Not even the witch doctors could help. Charles did everything the witch doctor told him-he wore all the charms and performed all the rituals. Yet grief and misfortune still loomed over his family.

Then Addi, a church planter with The Timothy Initiative, came knocking, inviting Charles and his family to a “JESUS” film screening in the village square.

Usually, Charles would ignore these types of invitations. But watching a movie seemedlike the perfect way to unwind. So, he gathered his relatives and headed to the showing.

As the film played, the story of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection captivated Charles. He was desperate for a Savior. Moved that God would send His only Son to die for him,Charles surrendered his life to the Lord. That night 17 members of his family also gave their lives to Jesus.

Since then, God has done mighty works in Charles’ family. They can see the progressthey have made since God rescued them out of darkness, and they all have a new joy and peace in Christ.

Today, Charles and his family are excited about using Jesus Film® tools to reach theirneighbors with the gospel.

Here in the west we too turn to our own kind of ritual-that of modern medicine anddoctors. Even as a Christian, I’m guilty of relying first on health care and prescription medicines rather than immediately going to Jesus. Why is that?

When I look back at all the Lord has done for me, why would my “go to”” place be amedical professional? Jesus provided healing for us when he took the stripes across his back. Yet even knowing that, so often we look to other sources for deliverance.

Mallory Kimball is a young woman who learned a valuable lesson when healing didn’tcome. Her hope came from salvation, not from being healed. Read her story here.