How Can I Use My Phone to Share the Gospel?

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These days you don’t have to travel overseas to be a missionary. You can be a cyber-missionary right from your hometown. That’s what two girls did when they met Elena*.

Elena’s eyes grew watery as she watched the “Dying Roads”short film; she identified with the homeless man struggling to help another man in need.

Melanie and Emily had come to Elena’s campus to talk about compassion and to find ways of meeting people’s physical needs.

Elena was sitting by herself, seemingly waiting for a conversation-not knowing it would be one that would certainly change her life.

As Melanie and Emily shared their own stories with Elena about the ways God has met their needs, she related to them and listened with an eager heart. When they asked her if she would like to learn how to start a relationship with Jesus, she gladly agreed.

After hearing the gospel explained, Elena said, “I feel that I really need Him. I need to start this relationship.”

So Melanie led her through a prayer to tell Jesus what she was feeling and her desire for a relationship. At the end of the prayer, Elena felt overwhelmingly relieved. “I feel like you were sent to the school just to talk to me!” she rejoiced.

Praise God for the ways He reaches each one of us, dynamically crafting the story of the gospel so everyone can experience Jesus.

Do you want to know more? Watch this video to learn how you can use short films to start spiritual conversations.

*Some details have been changed for confidentiality.