6 Things You Can Do With the Free Jesus Film Project App

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Did you know that Jesus Film Project®  has a free app full of Christian films and movies? It’s true! It’s all free to watch, download, and share. And the content is available in more than 1,900 languages.

Here are five things you can do when you download the Jesus Film Project app.

1. Watch inspiring and informative videos

The Jesus Film Project app is packed with hundreds of feature-length and short films. You’ll find films based on books of the Bible (LukeJohnActs), inspiring movies and series related to the Gospels (MagdalenaRivka), stimulating conversation starters (Falling PlatesUninvited Guests), movies just for kids (The Story of Jesus for ChildrenFile Zero).

You can even download these videos so you can watch them when you don’t have Wi-Fi access, making them ideal for remote retreats and watching on the go. You can also create your own playlist to watch your favorites again and again.

2. Share it with others

See a film or series like Do You Ever Wonder … ?  that would be perfect for someone asking questions about your faith? You can easily share it. Or you can share content with everyone on various social media platforms. Have a group of friends who have been wrestling with a topic one of our films digs into? Got an online community that enjoys discussing big issues? Start a conversation with a short video.

3. Suggest it to missionaries

Many people serving Jesus worldwide would love to have a tool in their pocket that allowed them to share the gospel in the recipients’ language. The ability to download films to the device means that they’re never reliant upon an internet connection to show someone a video about Jesus in their own heart language.

4. Reach out to people around you

We don’t have to leave our city to meet people from all over the world. You probably have people close to you who have recently relocated. They might be proficient in English, but it isn’t their heart language. Allowing them to hear the gospel in a language that feels like home to them can make all the difference.

5. Tell us about your experience

In the settings, there’s a spot for you to tell us about your experience with the app. Naturally, we’d love to hear about any bugs or potential issues. But more than anything, we want to hear your stories about how the app has helped you in your relationship with Jesus and how you’ve used it to share your faith with others.

6. Help support our mission

We exist to help everyone, everywhere, to encounter Jesus. We believe film is the most dynamic way to expose people to the most important message they’ll ever experience. And through the films in this app, more than 490 million people have decided to follow Jesus. If you find this app to be a helpful resource and are interested in helping us use digital tools to fulfill the Great Commission, there is an option to donate to the ongoing work of Jesus Film Project.

Download the app today

The Jesus Film Project app is available in the Apple store and for Android devices. So download it and immerse yourself in meaningful, uplifting content—and share it with everyone you know!