Mothers and Sons

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When my boys were younger, I tried to stay attentive to opportunities to point them toward faith in Jesus. Growing up in a Christian home didn’t necessarily mean they would become Christ-followers on their own. I knew I would need to guide them along the way.

We memorized verses prompted by simple hand-gestures, read Bible stories and sang songs about Jesus. And every Sunday, we’d go to church as a family. Participation was expected, and the boys went along.

Often, I wondered, “Will they grasp faith in Jesus and make it their own? Will they hear Him call them by name? Will they respond?”

Thankfully, today, each of my young men has his own growing faith in Jesus. But I know the angst of waiting-wondering if I’ve done enough to point them to Jesus. I think that’s why this story about Rebecca and her faithfulness to present the gospel to her children resonates with me.

Sparking Conversation

“Can we watch these as part of our devotions?” Surprised, Rebecca lay the tablet on her lap and glanced at her kids, who had asked the question. Having just received training from Jesus Film® to use the tablet, a smile formed on her face at the joyful thought of her children wanting to view film clips for their family devotions. Tablet in hand, their family began using the short films to spark conversation at home.

God’s faithfulness would soon grow beyond their family.

At weekly school chapel services, teachers and students gather to learn and discuss character traits. When Rebecca’s kids discovered the upcoming trait was honesty, they found a short film corresponding with that topic and asked for it to be shown in chapel that week. God gave His favor and the school board decided to use it.

The result was so positive that the school continues to utilize the short films to encourage discussions and application of the Bible.

However, Rebecca’s story doesn’t end there.

Engaging Moms with the Gospel

One afternoon while picking up her children, another mom recognized Rebecca’s kids. “I really enjoyed chapel and the film they shared,” said the mom. Rebecca saw the opportunity to expand her ministry to mothers from the school. “Why can’t I start a moms’ group,” she thought. “We’ve been praying for these children. Let’s take it one step further.” Now the mothers meet weekly, praying for their kids and utilizing the Jesus Film app as a resource for their own study and growth.

I would have loved a resource like the Jesus Film app to help direct my kids to spiritual conversations.

Do you know a child or parent who would benefit from learning about Jesus Film resources for children? Jesus Film Project® offers several book and DVD curriculums. You can also start a spiritual conversation with your children by watching “The Story of Jesus for Children.”