A Palace for the King

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His People Didn’t Need His Help

Kwasí anxiously paced in his palace office. It had been a while since one of his sub-chiefs had given him a report on his area. It had been a while since someone had needed his help.

As paramount chief, one of his responsibilities was to appease evil spirits. Sometimes, the witchcraft and curses performed by others caused problems in his communities, and he would have to pay a visit to make things right once more. Earlier that year, someone had cursed the river, and people who drank from it fell ill. After he visited the village, the situation improved.

But recently, no one called on him. No one needed his help. “Is something going on that I don’t know about,” he wondered.

Curses and Witchcraft No Longer

Kwasí decided to summon one of his sub-chiefs. “Please, tell me. What is going on in my area? Why aren’t people coming to me for help?”

“Well,” the sub-chief answered, “your people saw a film that told them about an extraordinary man named Jesus. People are now following Jesus, and because of that, they are not cursing each other anymore. They are not doing black magic or witchcraft. They are following Jesus instead.”

“Who is this Jesus?” Kwasí replied. “I must know who my people are following.”

“I Will Follow Him, Too!”

So, the sub-chief invited the film team to come show “JESUS” to Kwasí. The paramount chief watched intently as the story unfolded, amazed not only of Jesus’ power, but of His love. As the screening ended, Chief Kwasí turned to the film team. With great conviction, he told them he, too, wanted to follow this Jesus.

“If Jesus could do this, He is my King. I want to get involved with you, so I myself can actually go around and encourage the people to watch the ‘JESUS’ film and to read the Bible and to listen to the Word of God.”

From that point on, Kwasí began joining the film team on village visits, and word of his transformation and new purpose as paramount chief started to spread to other chiefs. Today, Kwasí’s vision is to see 80 percent of his people-over 400,000-following Jesus before his term ends.

King of This House

Opening his palace as a place for God’s service, he even set aside an office area for the “JESUS” film ministry teams.

“My palace used to be a wooden thing,” he told the film team members. “I tried to mobilize the resources to renovate it. For a long time, there was no progress. But when my people’s lives started getting transformed, the palace was revitalized too. I now have the best palace in the entire country among the chiefs. God has blessed this place. Now when other paramount chiefs ask me what happened, I tell them it’s because of Jesus.”

Gesturing toward his surroundings with his hands, Kwasí said, “Jesus is building this, but for His service. I want the [ministry teams] to have their own office in my palace so everybody knows that the reason this palace was built is because Jesus is the King of this house!”

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