Passing Her Faith to Her Children

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Susana’s* children were crying, begging for her permission to go to the nearest satellite phone, a two-mile hike through the jungle. Susana was sick, and her children wanted to call a medivac for her. But Susana was adamant about staying in her hut, trusting God alone to heal her.

“I don’t want to leave, don’t call the helicopter. I don’t want to hear the sound of a chopper around here. My Father, who is my God, will heal me,” Susana said.

Growing up, Susana’s only lord was her grandfather, a shaman. But a little more than 10 years ago, she decided to live her life following Jesus. Instead of reverting to her former beliefs, something so familiar to her, she stayed strong in her faith though the trial of sickness and recovered soon after.

I love Susana’s stubborn faith. In her story, she holds onto a God she knows she can save her and doesn’t want anything to dissuade her from her faith.

I’ve wrestled with God for healing before- not my own, but my son’s.

During his teen years, he developed a chronic condition that made him bleed from his gut. He has been hospitalized and has received many blood transfusions. My husband and I prayed and asked others to join us. We prayed for the bleeding to stop, for him to find relief, and for healing.

Susana excitedly shared the story of her healing with a ministry worker when he and his family trekked up the mountain to visit her. Her eyes were shining as she shared another encouraging event, one that took place the night before when she showed her five-year-old son the “JESUS” film for the first time.

Watching Jesus walking from place to place, her young son had said, “Look at Jesus going along. Oh, [if only] I was there to go along with Him!”

God chose to not heal my son through miraculous means, but through cutting-edge medical technology. Through this experience we have seen God’s steady hand of provision and protection. And our son has regained his health. In the process, he has also learned to walk along with Jesus.

Susana’s people group is spread throughout the vast mountain ranges of Central America, usually with several kilometers between each hut. Even though Susana has no nearby neighbors, she is still sharing Christ with others-her children. Her personal ministry is uplifting her children by being a Christ-like example and teaching them about Jesus, using the “JESUS” film as her tool.

If you or someone you know would be interested in sharing the Gospel with children, you can share Jesus Film’s resource, StoryClub Lessons, a series of videos that show who Jesus was from the perspective of a child, a project partnership with Kids Around the World.

*Names and locations have been changed for the individual’s confidentiality.