The Power of Media

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I’ll be sleeping in a hammock, on a boat, on the piranha infested Amazon River. Each day of our church mission trip, my team and I will be stopping at villages along the shore of the river to share the gospel and teach micro-economics.

Part of this includes showing the “JESUS” film to the Brazilian people.

So this week, I have the privilege of teaching our mission team how to use the film equipment and how to use the Jesus Film Project® app as well.

With over 100 million digital views of our films last year, the top countries using the app include:

  1. USA
  2. India
  3. Ghana
  4. Nigeria
  5. Tanzania
  6. Brazil
  7. Indonesia
  8. China
  9. South Africa
  10. Kenya

In Eastern Africa, college students long for spiritual truth. Although dominated by Islamic teaching on one campus, some Christian workers fasted and asked God to make a way for the gospel to be presented.

They met Adilia and showed her the short film “My Last Day,” an animation about Jesus and the thief on the cross. She gladly responded to the gospel and placed her faith in Christ.

In the days following, the team taught Adilia how to live out her faith. They used the film series, “Walking With Jesus” which depicts an African chief learning and applying principles of the Christian faith.

Adilia grew in her walk with Christ and wanted to tell her college roommate, Mirah.

But her roommate was Muslim, so Adilia was scared. She decided to download the Jesus Film Project app on her phone because she knew Mirah liked to use her phone to watch videos. Once it was downloaded, she left it on Mirah’s bed hoping she’d pick it up.

When Mirah arrived, she took the phone and immediately found the new videos. She watched several and loved how they made her feel and think. She wanted to know more about Jesus. With Adilia’s help, Mirah committed her life to Christ.

My hope is that, as my church and I use the app in Brazil, similar stories will occur. I’m excited to see what God does.

Because of digital technology, people all over the world are discovering the gospel. Thanks to your prayers or giving, believers are equipped to have spiritual conversations using the Jesus Film Project app.

You too, can download the app to let your own church use it and grow in intentional spiritual conversations outside of the church.