In The Principal’s Office

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I feel like I must have one of the best jobs at Jesus Film Project®.

Our team is responsible for collecting and sharing all the amazing accounts of changed lives that occur as a result of God using our films. I consider it an honor to read the many stories that come across my desk from around the world. A recent story I came across demonstrates the power of changed lives in small, everyday, actions of faith.

When I first read the story, I could almost visualize the scene because stories of refugees flood my television. It’s about a young boy amazed by the care of a stranger and his response to that kindness.

Picture a refugee camp. It’s crowded, dirty and people are unsure of the future. War has torn them from their homes. It shows on each face.

There are a lot of kids. There’s one 10-year-old, in fact, who I’ll call Manny, for the sake of privacy.

He’s privileged enough to attend school and meets this principal who captures his attention. I didn’t get the details but apparently she’s so kind, her actions stand out to Manny. I’d love to meet the principal and hear her own journey.

“Why do you like refugee children?” Manny asks.

The woman smiles.

“I do it because Jesus taught me this love, and gave me the strength to love and help everyone.”

As it so happens, the principle experienced a similar situation as Manny. She survived the Lebanese war.

She tells Manny she never found anyone to help overcome her fear, sadness and insecurity. Until she heard about Jesus and He changed her life.

She goes on to tell Manny that’s why she loves him-she wants to make sure he and the other refugee kids in her school have a better chance than she had.

I don’t know about you, but as a student, there were a couple times I was sent to the principal’s office. Believe me, it wasn’t anything like Manny experienced.

So then Manny says something that kinda choked me up when I first read the story.

He looks up at this woman, no doubt with huge, adorable brown eyes and says, “I too want to learn from Jesus… how to love others and care for them.”

Okay I don’t really know if he had brown eyes. I wasn’t there and many of the stories we get don’t come with photos. But in my head that’s how it played out. Maybe with a smudge of dirt on his cheek too.

But here’s the cool part.

He not only experiences the love of Christ through the principle, but is also exposed to one of our films.

Now this kid attends Sunday school every week with his brothers! He’s come face-to-face with Jesus because people halfway around the world equipped Middle Eastern believers with Jesus Film® tools.

In refugee camps all over the Middle East, God is drawing these war-torn people to the story of Jesus. By seeing “JESUS,” they discover hope and forgiveness and new life. How amazing is that?

So how about you? Have you seen acts of love prepare someone to receive the gospel? Perhaps you’ve experienced this in your own life? Tell us about it in the comments section.