Redeeming the Time

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“I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten…” (Joel 2:25, NIV).

The rat-like bandicoot is easy prey for foxes and snakes. With so many predators, female bandicoots have many offspring to keep the species from being wiped out. They have litters up to three times a year with the pregnancy lasting only 12 days. God designed these rodents so their time is redeemed with multiple and speedy gestation periods.

Like the bandicoot, we, too, lose things of value. Sometimes the world robs us; other times, it’s the devil or our own carelessness. Even when it’s our mistake, the Father’sinfinite mercy restores what we’ve lost-sometimes quicker than the time it would take naturally. I saw this happen to an unlikely friend.

I worked as a correctional sergeant at a state prison. One day, a church group came in to show the “JESUS” film. A few days later, I had the chance to share Jesus with a young inmate. He eventually became a Christian.

When Parker paid his debt to society and was released, he continued growing in his walk with God. Before long, he’d built a lucrative construction company. God blessedParker. Soon, he was married with a child.

When I asked Parker how he was handling all the changes, he smiled. “I was scared life was moving too fast. But God redeemed the years I’d lost behind bars. He’s done a quick work that should’ve taken decades. I’m so grateful.”

Are you struggling with loss? Take heart, little bandicoot. Our heavenly Father is not only the God of second chances, He’s the God of quick resolution. His timetable isperfect. While He might be slow with some answered prayers, He could be fast-tracking yours today.

Take time to pray today. Ask the Heavenly Father to reveal His will. Whether He is quick or slow to move, ask Him to teach you to recognize when He’s opening doors and to act quickly. Pray also for discernment about when to move cautiously.