Following God Meant Risking their Family’s Life

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It was more than a decade for Saba and her husband Ikhlas.

First, Ikhlas became a believer. Then Saba followed two years later. But when her relatives found out, they wanted to kill Saba, her husband, and their children.

They had no choice but to flee to another town, cutting ties with Saba’s relatives. They prayed for her family for nine years before God intervened.

Ikhlas and Saba sensed God telling them to return to their hometown. So they obeyed by purchasing a house and, with great caution, decided to invite their family to visit.

One of Saba’s brothers was the first to come and talk. Each day, Israr listened to Saba and Ikhlas read the Bible and speak about God. Finally, Israr agreed to study the Scriptures.

Eventually, all of Saba’s family members watched the “JESUS” film together and Israr attended their house church. His interest grew with each meeting but around Christmastime, he began to struggle with his lifestyle and the religion he had grown up believing.

Despite warnings and threats from his parents, Israr accepted Christ for himself and returned home to fearlessly live out his new faith among his family.

He went through training and with the fire of the Holy Spirit, started his own house church, proclaiming the good news to his family. After showing a few of his sisters the “JESUS” film, one sister accepted the Lord and another sister said she would study the Bible and decide later if she wanted to be a Christian.

Habits are hard to break. Ideas adopted and lived out since childhood don’t dislodge easily. But when people living in spiritual darkness get a glimpse of the light of the gospel, they are drawn to it.

Jesus Film Project® resources help them explore what a lifestyle with the Lord looks like and can help answer questions they have. Consider contributing toward a script translation so people like Seba and Ikhlas can experience the “JESUS” film in their heart language!