5 Ways You Can Help Stop Human Trafficking

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This article, originally written by Rachel Ferchak, appeared on Cru.org, and has been adapted for Jesus Film Project’s blog…

Here at Jesus Film Project, we want to empower victims of human trafficking and others in crisis by connecting them to media resources and by showing the compassion of Jesus. As followers of Christ, we can all do something to help stop human trafficking. Here are 5 ideas.


  • Pray God would provide resources, funding and volunteers for those who labor to stop trafficking. Pray for victims to be rescued, and that they would find hope in Jesus.
  • Pray for rescued victims to find physical, emotional and spiritual healing and for courage to continue moving forward despite their wounds.
  • Pray for law enforcement to track down criminals and bring them to justice.
  • Pray for traffickers to turn from their sin and for those who exploit people by purchasing sex, services or slave-made products to change their behavior.


Find ministries in your area and get involved on a local level. For a wider view, see:

  • International Justice Mission, an organization that protects the poor from violence in the developing world. Its website is IJM.org.
  • Aruna Project, a non-profit organization that cares deeply about bringing and sustaining freedom to the enslaved in South Asia. Its website is ArunaProject.com.
  • Cru’s Inner City ministry, which mobilizes urban churches to meet physical and spiritual needs. Its website is Cru.org/innercity.
  • Freedom 58 is dedicated to fighting slavery and violent oppression through advocacy, education, and action. Its website is Freedom58Project.com.


Be a part of Jesus Film Project’s Compassion campaign. You can donate media resources to minitries and organizations that serve women in crisis. Your gift will help provide a discipleship pack featuring media resources aimed to empower women and connect them with Christ.

  • Be a part of Jesus Film’s Compassion campaign. Your donation will help send a discipleship pack to an organization that serves women in crisis.
  • OR make a purchase on our online store and add a $10 donation to your final purchase. Your donation will contribute to a discipleship pack for and organization that serves women in crisis.


Trafficking happens in restaurants, hotels, nail salons, airports and shopping malls. Look out for these signs:

  • Victims don’t have freedom to move and are closely watched.
  • Excessive security in a workplace or home can signal captivity.
  • Traffickers often “brand” their victims with tattoos of a barcode, a dollar sign, or of a man’s name.
  • If you suspect someone is being trafficked, call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center at 1-888-373-7888.


  • Talk with friends and share information on social media regarding trafficking.
  • Warn teens and children about the schemes of human traffickers. They should never meet with anyone they don’t know. Traffickers might approach in person, online or by a mobile device.
  • For more information, see I Found Modern-Day Slavery at my Doorstep.

Human trafficking is a justice issue that God cares about very much. If you’re interested in learning more about justice, check out “24 Informative Bible Verses about Justice.”