Jesus Film Project’s Annual Wrap-Up 2022

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It’s been an amazing year! We had some massive breakthroughs and the opportunity to share some exciting new content. And we just wanted to share some of the highlights in case anything fell through the cracks. 

Here are some exciting things you helped Jesus Film Project® accomplish in 2022:

We hit the 2,000 language threshold! 

At the beginning of November, we announced that, with the translation of the JESUS film in the Zo language, we had reached the 2,000 language milestone. You can read the announcement here

With that announcement, we also shared some other articles about achieving this breakthrough:

We continue to celebrate this exciting milestone and what it represents—people around the world hearing the gospel and having the chance to say “Jesus speaks my language.”

We celebrated a lot of changed lives

We talk about the number of people who have seen one of our videos or the number who have decided to follow Jesus. But those numbers represent actual people who have had a significant moment experiencing the transformational power of the gospel. 

This year, we’ve shared quite a few of their stories. You can watch some of those changed-lives stories here.

The Jesus Film Project language quiz

As part of our Jesus Speaks campaign celebrating the 2,000-language milestone, we created a World Languages Quiz. Listen to snippets of the JESUS film in various languages and choose a language from multiple options. Share it with your friends and see who has the best ear for languages!

The grand opening of the Jesus Film Project tour

This year, we completely revamped our tour of Jesus Film Project’s headquarters. It now includes interactive exhibits, shows you how we adapt the JESUS film to new languages and shares remarkable missionary stories.  

It’s completely free, so if you’re planning to visit Orlando, make sure to make a tour reservation!

All new videos for 2022

We uploaded all new videos, short films, and series that you can watch for free on our website, YouTube, or the Jesus Film Project app

These new videos include:

We’re not finished! 

We believe it’s possible to fulfill the Great Commission in the next few years. And Jesus Film Project has a vision for the future that’s ambitious, exciting and … possible. Watch Jesus Film Project’s 2025 Vision video and see how it resonates with your heart.

If you’re as excited about this vision as we are, visit our partner page and see how you can participate in fulfilling this vision with us.