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Magdalena meets discipleship

Women everywhere are using Magdalena to share the gospel and tell the story of Jesus through the eyes of Mary Magdalene. After showing Magdalena, believers may have wondered how to help women build community together and witness the love of Jesus in their heart language—until now.

From encountering Jesus, to experiencing healing together in community, the strategy they need is Consider Jesus.

Encounter Jesus in heart

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Explore His Forgiveness 

Explore His Transformation

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How does Consider Jesus work?

The Consider Jesus strategy leverages more than 200 language translations of the Magdalena film to take the gospel anywhere—from rural villages to metropolitan high rises.

Steered by a trained leader, seekers gather regularly to watch stories from Magdalena—each a powerful glimpse into the freedom found in Jesus from shame, conflict and isolation. Every story is paired with a dedicated lesson composed of key questions designed to foster growth in their understanding of Jesus—all in the language they learned from birth.

Through discipleship, women develop strong bonds as they explore what it means to follow Christ, while giving space to encounter spiritual healing.

The Consider Jesus Strategy

  • Build community with a Person of Peace
  • Show Magdalena and invite them to further connections.
  • Start meeting regularly to build relationships.
  • Engage your group in discussion to explore the person of Jesus.
  • Offer support in the pursuit of growing in your love and understanding of Jesus.

Why are we excited about Consider Jesus?

In 2019 believers from many regions of the world began asking for a JFP resource that would be designed by women for women to use for evangelism and discipleship. Consider Jesus is the result! 

Consider Jesus is a 10 part series that uses clips from the film Magdelena to help seekers and believers learn more about who Jesus is and what it means to follow him. Participants build relationships with each other as they discover biblical truths together.