Guidelines for Fundraising

  1. Communication to Outside Mailing and Other Lists     
    Campus Crusade for Christ International® exercises discretion and integrity in truthfully and accurately representing its ministries to prospective financial partners (donors).
  2. Removal from Mailing and Other Lists
    The ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ International is committed to honoring the partner’s request to no longer receive its direct marketing materials, telephone calls, emails and other communications.
  3. Rental and exchange of Campus Crusade for Christ International Mailing and Other Lists
    Because Campus Crusade highly values its donors and their privacy, the ministry does not sell, rent, barter or exchange its mailing and other lists to or with outside organizations or individuals for any fund-raising purposes. Campus Crusade will also uphold the highest security on lists of financial partners and other constituents.
  4. Products and Services
    Campus Crusade for Christ International does not offer its constituents any products and services (including all multi-level opportunities) that are not directly related to the mission of the organization.
  5. Communications to Campus Crusade Inside Mailing and Other Lists
    Campus Crusade is a highly diversified organization that operates under numerous individual ministries with specific names including, but not limited to, Athletes in Action, Campus Ministry, Christian Embassy, Christian Leadership, City, FamilyLife, Inner City, International Ministries, Jesus Film Project, Josh McDowell Ministries, Keynote Communications, Cru Military and High School. All mail received from any of these entities should be considered as coming from Campus Crusade for Christ International.

    Each individual ministry communicates with those people who have donated, utilized their products and/or services or expressed an interest in their area. Financial partners and other constituents may opt in or out of such communications at any time, as per #2 above.

    Four times per year, Campus Crusade mails to many of its financial partners and potential partners on its general list requesting contributions for priority projects. The President and other senior leadership determine the projects presented in these quarterly mailings, and participation in such efforts is sought to help further the overall mission of the organization. Financial partners and other constituents may opt in or out of such communications at any time, as per #2 above.