When a Rebel Commanded, “Stop the Film!”

Trusting God for Open Doors

There is a film team made up of former rebels, who are located in an area hostile to Christianity. But they came to Christ when they watched the “JESUS” film. The team went into a dangerous area where many radical groups had gathered. They tried to share the good news but no one would talk to them. 

The team thought, “They don’t know that they don’t have to die as suicide bombers to go to heaven.” Then, remembering their team training and that people here are often hungry, one of the members proposed: “Why don’t we just cook for them?” The others agreed. Eating together might build a cultural bridge. 

So, they began making meals and inviting the groups to eat with them. But no one came. The second night they cooked again, no one came … and then they prepared more food, this time a feast. No one came. 

Finally, one of the rebels approached the team: “If we eat with you, we’re going to have to talk to you. So, we’re not eating with you.”

One of the team responded, “Actually, we’d like to invite you to watch an ancient film that has a culture very close to yours.” Intrigued, the man replied, “Oh really?!” “Yes! But you need to eat with us first. Then we’ll show you this film.”

The fighters were intrigued—a film in their heart language, an ancient story, about a culture like theirs? Some negotiation followed. Eventually, the rebel leader and his whole clan came over. They sat down and shared a meal together and began talking.

Throughout the night they exchanged stories from their cultures. The team told them stories from the Old Testament. Finally, they were ready to watch the “ancient film.” 

By now, it’s 4 a.m. Everyone is engaged, watching and listening to the film. About halfway through “JESUS” one of the rebels stood up and issued a command…

Stop the film!”

The film team feared things might go wrong. Instead, he announced: “We have made a decision to walk with Jesus and leave our group. We have never seen or heard anyone before like Jesus.” 

Fighters from another clan had also come to watch. One of them stood and announced. “We’re following Jesus, too.” 

And they asked to watch the film again the next night. Once again a commander stood. “Stop the film! Why are these people in the film being baptized with water?” The team answered, “Baptism signifies being dead to the old person, and you becoming a new person.” 

Immediately, he asked, “If we come and hand you our weapons, and we bring you food, instead of you feeding us, will that show that we are now connected with you, and you will receive us to be baptized?” The next day, they brought food, laid down their weapons and were baptized! 

This is the power of the gospel when unreached people, even rebels, hear Jesus speak in their heart language.

They realize they don’t have to die as suicide bombers to go to heaven, but that the Son of God already died in their place! They just need someone to go and tell them. 

It’s why several ministry partners who use “JESUS” are asking for effective, portable showing equipment. These partners have teams ready to go, even into dangerous areas. But they need the equipment and training. Would you feel led to help equip them so they can show unreached people “JESUS” in their heart language?  MicroSD cards that contain “JESUS” in up to 10 languages are especially needed. They are discrete and easily given out. 

Another leader on the ground said of the workers in a Middle Eastern city, “If we gave them a million MicroSD cards, they would distribute every one of them.”  As God leads, please consider helping to equip film teams to reach men, women and children with the Gospel.

A Worldwide Partnership, Laboring as One to Fulfill the Great Commission

The “JESUS” film was the dream of founder and former president of Campus Crusade for Christ®, Dr. Bill Bright. God gave him a vision to produce a film not yet produced by Hollywood, one that was historically accurate and totally faithful to the Scriptures. Every word the actor who portrays Jesus speaks is a direct quote from the Gospel of Luke. Therein lies the power of this wonderful film. It is the gospel, the very Word of God brought to life on the film screen.

“The ‘JESUS’ film continues to cause powerful repercussions around the globe. Hundreds of thousands of people are coming to Christ as a result of the many teams who take this film into unreached areas.”

—Joni Eareckson Tada, President, Joni and Friends Ministries

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