Beneficiary Designation Naming Information for Your Financial Institution 

If you desire to designate the ministry of Jesus Film Project® as a beneficiary of a portion of a retirement fund or other investment account, you can simply instruct your financial institution to do so by using the following naming information:

Campus Crusade for Christ®, for the benefit of Jesus Film Project®
EIN: 95-6006173
Cru® Estate Dept.
100 Lake Hart Drive, #3600
Orlando, FL 32832–0100

Then, please click here to notify us by email with any further designation you might want, if any (i.e., language translations, film equipment, broadcasting, digital ministry, etc.), and provide name of your financial institution where the funds will be coming from. This will help ensure that your wishes are fulfilled in a timely manner. Thank you for your investment in reaching people through the gospel on film, following them up and planting churches worldwide.