Charitable Gift Annuity

A charitable gift annuity is a simple and safe way to receive a quarterly or yearly fixed income for your lifetime and your spouse’s lifetime.

With a gift annuity, you are assured of a safe and often much higher payout rate than a Certificate of Deposit (CD) or a bond. In exchange for a payment of at least $5,000 in cash (check), long-term appreciated stock, mutual funds, or other securities, you can receive an income stream backed by Cru Foundation, a ministry of Cru® (Campus Crusade for Christ®). You will receive a charitable gift income tax deduction for a portion of the gift, and a portion of the payment you receive will be tax-free for several years. This effectively increases the already favorable payout rate that you receive.

In addition, your annuity will provide an end-of-life gift to Jesus Film Project® of the balance in your annuity account. The gift will go directly to the work of global evangelism outside of your estate and will avoid probate.

Many people appreciate the higher income, simplicity and security that a charitable gift annuity affords. For example, if you are married and are both 70, an annuity pays you 5.6%; if you are both 75, an annuity pays 6.2%; if you are both 80, an annuity will pay you 6.2%. The rate for a single individual is even higher. After-tax annuity payments will return to you an even larger amount, depending on your income tax bracket. Once the annuity is funded, the money is given to charity, and it cannot be returned.

For a more complete introduction to the Charitable Gift Annuity, click here for the “Keys to Effective Giving” which will provide you with a printer-ready explanation sheet to read and share with others.

If you would like information about how you can simply manage your assets in your later years, reduce taxes, assure a safe and high-rate monthly return, and leave a legacy through “JESUS,” please call our Gift and Estate Planning Team toll free at 1-800-449-5454. You can send an email to: [email protected].

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