Staff Legacy Fund

Staff members of Jesus Film Project® are dependent on friends like you for financial support to continue their important work. When you pass away, their needs do not come to an end. Would you like to continue your support of staff after your death? You can. The Staff Legacy Fund could be the ideal way for you to accomplish this objective.

This fund serves as a financial tool which makes ongoing contributions to underwrite the personal support needs of staff member(s) of your choice even beyond your lifetime; it serves like an endowment. You may claim a charitable income tax deduction and may not have to pay any capital gains tax if the gift is of appreciated property.

Cru® Foundation also known as The Great Commission Foundation® of Campus Crusade for Christ, Inc. serves as the venue under which the Staff Legacy Fund was established. You can fund it through a cash or stock gift ($5,000 or more) or with a real property gift ($30,000 or more). A Staff Legacy Fund can also be created with existing life insurance, from retirement assets, or through a bequest (will or trust). The staff member(s) receive quarterly contributions, helping to ensure they can continue in their role of helping to take the gospel to “every nation, tribe, people and language” (Rev. 7:9).

In addition, the ministry offers a Legacy Annuity, with the same benefits of a Charitable Gift Annuity. The difference is the remainder goes to the staff member(s) of your choosing through the Legacy Fund.

For a more complete introduction to the Staff Legacy Fund, click here for the “Keys To Effective Giving” which will provide you with a printer-ready explanation sheet to read and share with others.

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