Gift and Will Design Services

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There are a number of tax-smart gift and will planning tools and strategies that you can use to preserve assets, provide for family, and remember those charities and ministries that are important to you.  But, how does one know which options would best fit his or her own unique situation?  

The answer, to obtain wise counsel from trusted charitable professionals; advisors who not only know the techniques, but also have the same spiritual values you do—a heart to see the lost reached, believers grow, and churches planted worldwide.

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You might ask, why would I need another person at the table, I already have a team of advisors?  The answer, your team is not complete without a charitable gift-planning professional who can bring both the tax-smart and spiritual legacy perspective into the discussion.  A majority of the legal and financial counsel today lacks the biblical stewardship and the charitable gift dimensions that a ministry gift planner provides.

You might also ask, what would that advisor do?  Answer, he would begin with an audit, a comprehensive review of your plans, people, property and planners.  

You can sit down and talk with a trusted planning specialist who can help you put your dreams, goals and desires on paper.  He’ll provide you a blueprint with various options, people (attorney CPA, CFP, etc.) to take what you have and what you want to do, and put them into action.  He also can give you an independent, second opinion on plans you may also already have.

To take full advantage of the complimentary gift and will design services offered by Jesus Film Project®, please call today.  You can reach us at (800) 449-5454 or email [email protected] to begin a dialogue.

A number of people have already taken advantage of the gift and will design review offered by Cru® Foundation (also known as The Great Commission Foundation® of Campus Crusade for Christ®, Inc.), and have benefited from the service.  Here’s what some of them have said:

“We have greatly benefited from the exceptional service that your gift specialist has given us so that we could complete our estate plan.  We have wanted to do this since we married 14 years ago.  The personalized estate design that your specialist put together with my wife and me made it so easy to understand while preparing us to meet with our attorney.  The estate design helped us to understand the decisions that we needed to make and the legal tools used to accomplish our desires.  It prepared us by enabling us to make most of our needed decisions before we even met our attorney.

“His instructions were easy to follow making this very important document simple to understand and the process of completing it an enjoyable experience.  I have referred others to your gift specialist because of how important I believe it is for Christians to manage their resources in order to provide for their loved ones and to provide funding for ministry. I highly recommend his services to anyone who wants to be a faithful steward of the possessions that God has given them.”

G.P. & K.P., Hampton, VA

“For anybody who has a heart for fulfilling the Great Commission or the ‘JESUS’ film and what they stand for, the people at the Great Commission Foundation are very helpful.  They can develop strategies to help you with your gift, estate and tax planning. 

You’ll find that their views and yours for the kingdom will be closely aligned.  You can go to them with a tremendous amount of confidence.”

Bob F., North Wales, PA

“Our experience with the Great Commission Foundation has been a blessing.  Your gift planning specialists are uniquely gifted to understand and explain estate planning strategies from a scriptural perspective.  It is evident that they and other associates in Jesus Film Project are serving at God’s calling and seek to honor Him through their vocation.

“The GCF estate planning counsel is thorough, professional and insightful.  Alternatives are explained clearly and recommendations are suggested rather than insisted upon.  Strategies stay within the letter and spirit of the law, always seeking to honor the Lord while maintaining a good testimony before others.  While certain strategies are core, the resulting plan is individually crafted.  It is not a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach.

“One of the most appealing aspects of the service is the lack of appeal to designate funds to GCF itself.  That alternative is described but any designation is strictly independent.  It is clear that you are seeking to help believers in their stewardship rather than seeking a benefit for GCF.  They are clearly walking by faith and we appreciate their witness in that regard.

“We would be very comfortable recommending GCF to others considering estate planning issues.  We trust they would be equally blessed and satisfied with their experience.” 

Jim and Portia R., Grosse Pointe Park, MI

“Please accept this letter as an expression of our appreciation for the excellent job you did in reviewing our financial situation, including our trust and wills!  Your work was very thorough, and the presentation was very professional.  It all was done in a very Christ-like way!!”

Wayne and Mary S., Phoenix, AZ

Jesus Film Project®, in partnership with Cru® Foundation (also known as The Great Commission Foundation of Campus Crusade for Christ, Inc.®), is ready to provide you with the gift-planning expertise needed to complete your team and achieve your personal goals. Our planners will give you charitable counsel that begins with its foundation—biblical stewardship. And, best of all, your personalized gift and estate design plan is offered complimentary, without obligation; it’s a ministry service to you. So, consider the benefits and resources, and then contact us to see how we can help you to protect your estate, reach your objectives, and see your charitable legacy fulfilled.

To take full advantage of the complimentary gift and will design services offered by Jesus Film Project®, please call today.  You can reach us at (800) 449-5454 or email [email protected] to begin a dialogue.

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