Jesus speaks

The JESUS film is now available in 2,000 languages. Millions have watched and their hearts have realized, “Jesus speaks my language!”

Jesus Speaks Zo: The Journey Continues

Pastor Sing has a vision: that his people, the Zo, would not only hear the message of the gospel but share it with others in Myanmar and beyond. Many Zo are illiterate, only speak Zo or are living as immigrants in the U.S. 

With the JESUS film now in their language, Zo believers have the opportunity to take the story of Jesus to more of their people—wherever they are and in the language they understand best.

The work isn’t over

The Zo need more materials in their language and more trained pastors and evangelists. Join us in prayer for Zo believers, and for believers in people groups like the Zo working to share the incredible story of Jesus among their own. 

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