Jesus speaks

The JESUS film is now available in 2,000 languages. Millions have watched and their hearts have realized, “Jesus speaks my language!”

Jesus Speaks Zo

The Zo language is spoken by roughly 65,000 speakers out of the country of Myanmar. Zo speakers are spread out across the world, having fled instability and discrimination at home. And while a Zo translation of the Bible exists, it hasn’t been printed in Myanmar. Many Zo are unable to read. 

This new translation of JESUS in Zo provides a way for Zo speakers to have access to the story of Jesus in their language. It’s in a format they can understand—wherever they find themselves.

Make a difference for people like the Zo

Around the world, many people groups like the Zo don’t have easy access to the message of the gospel, while others don’t know Jesus and maybe don’t even know a Christian. When you give, you link arms with the global body of Christ to enable new translations of JESUS to be recorded, provide equipment and training, share the love of Christ online and in person. 

You can make a difference today.