Jesus speaks

The JESUS film is now available in 2,000 languages. Millions have watched and their hearts have realized, “Jesus speaks my language!”

Our executive director, Josh Newell, and his wife, Holly, talk about the significance of this amazing milestone. They also share what we hope it means for the fulfillment of the Great Commission and what to expect from us next.

When people learn that Jesus speaks their language,
their lives are forever changed.

Where we are today

The JESUS film is in 2,000 languages—more than 2,000 languages, actually! We’re completing new translations and recording new language versions of JESUS as you read this!

Today, people in remote villages and large cities—from Tokyo to Timbuktu—are getting a chance to hear the gospel in the language they learned on their mother’s knee. Little by little, everyone, everywhere, is getting access to the message of peace with God through Jesus.

The 2,000th language is Zo!

So what do we know about the Zo language? Roughly 65,000 people in the world speak Zo. These speakers are from the country of Myanmar, but because of recent instability at home you can find Zo people across the world. The printed Bible in Zo isn’t widely available in Myanmar, and many Zo can’t read. We’re praying this new translation of JESUS in Zo provides a way for the Zo to have access to the story of Jesus in a format they can understand, wherever they are.

Our story

In 1979, we created a film about Jesus based only on words from Scripture (the Gospel of Luke). Then, inspired by Jesus’ words in Matthew 28, we knew we wanted the whole world—every nation—to meet Jesus. We wanted everyone to hear His life-giving words in the language of their hearts. With the help of thousands of partners, we translated JESUS into 100 languages, then 500, then 1,000 languages! Today we’re at just a little over 2,000 languages.

Did you know?

At least 97% of the world’s population (8 billion) speaks a language the JESUS film has been translated into.

Not everyone can read or will read the Bible. In fact, 87% of the world is literate.

If we complete a JESUS film version for every language on our radar by the end of 2025, we expect over 99% of the world’s population will have the JESUS film in their heart language.

But wait, are people still watching a movie made in 1979?

We’re amazed by it too. But we believe in the power of media and film to deliver the greatest and most important story ever told: the story of Jesus. And it works. When people hear Jesus’ words, directly from Scripture and in their own language, they have in front of them the clear, matchless message of the gospel.

When Jesus speaks in someone’s language, to their heart, everything changes.

We’d love for you to get to know us more!

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We can’t do it alone.

Translating and recording JESUS in just one language takes more than just one person. It takes the efforts of many people beyond our four walls and across borders.

That’s researchers, translators, voice actors, engineers, dialogue directors and approval committees working together for every new version of JESUS. They’re local believers and native speakers who want to give their people the opportunity to hear the gospel—many for the first time. But they also know JESUS is a great tool for mentoring new believers and planting churches.

Believers like you make it possible when you pray, give and stay connected with Jesus Film Project.

Join us on this journey

We’re committed to the next 2,000 language translations of the JESUS film.
Celebrate with us by taking part. Here are a few ways you can get involved.


“Devote yourselves to prayer, be watchful and thankful.”
— Colossians 4:2, New International Version

We’re thankful to God for JESUS in 2,000 languages. But we won’t stop there. The Bible encourages us to pray at all times—intentionally and with thankful hearts. And we take that seriously. That’s why prayer is the bedrock to everything we do. Prayer illuminates God’s guidance as we take each next step toward helping to fulfill the Great Commission together.


You can make a difference today in the lives of people who don’t know Jesus. When you give, you link arms with the body of Christ to help record new translations of JESUS and so much more.

  • Provide believers with equipment and church planting training
  • Stream and broadcast gospel films in hard-to-reach countries
  • Share the love of Christ online and in person.

Ready to make a difference?

Text to give

Text Jesus Speaks to 71326 to help unreached people hear the words of Jesus in the language of their hearts.

Is translating the JESUS film all we do?

We’ve come a long way. These days our library of films include short films and film series believers can use to share Jesus. You can check out our full film library here. You can also watch any of our content on the Jesus Film Project app, available for iPhone and Android app stores.

God’s grace and goodness made JESUS in 2,000 languages a reality. He’s worked through the faithfulness of thousands of ministry partners and believers like you who are praying, giving and making JESUS known throughout the world.

Thank you.