May 2022

The greatest gospel gap in the world is in 50 countries—they have barely any new, thriving churches. And nearly 75% of all the world’s unreached people (3.6 billion) live in 12 of those countries. These people have the least access to the gospel in their own language.

Engage in strategic, focused prayer for the 12 countries of the world that are least reached with the gospel without ever leaving home.

Every month in 2022 we’ll feature one of these countries, familiarize you with its culture, and share prayer requests addressing the country’s specific needs. We believe the light of Jesus can shine through!

All about Turkey

This month we will pray for another country that spans two continents: Turkey! Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey, expands both east and west of the Bosphorus strait, resting in both Europe and Asia. As the Ramadan holiday comes to a close on May 1, let’s continue to pray that the millions in Turkey who are seeking truth would find Jesus.

Turkish is the official language of Turkey and is the mother tongue for over 85% of the population. Some 30 other languages are also spoken.

The majority of Turkey’s population is Turkish, with Kurds and Arabs making up the country’s large minority groups. Armenians, Greeks and other ethnic groups account for the remaining minority population.

Saint Nicholas—the historical figure behind the man we know as Santa Claus—was born in Patara, Turkey in approximately A.D. 300.

Many places mentioned in the Bible are in modern-day Turkey. Jesus’ followers were first called Christians (Acts 11:26) in Antioch, and Paul spent time and corresponded with the churches in Ephesus, Colossae and in other Turkish regions.

The famed Hagia Sophia—a UNESCO world heritage site—was originally built as a Christian church in A.D. 537. After the Fall of Constantinople in 1453, it was converted into a mosque. Under the secular Turkish government, the Hagia Sophia became a museum in the 1930s. It was changed back into a mosque in 2020.

Pray with us…

Young people in Turkey are disillusioned and questioning the things they’ve been taught to believe. Pray that many would desire to seek truth and that God would lead them to Christian friends and websites to help answer their questions.

Pray for more volunteers to mentor people who are seeking to learn more about God through Christian websites.

COVID-19 continues to disrupt life and ministry for Christian workers in Turkey. Ask for God to show them safe and creative ways to continue meeting people who want to learn about Jesus.

You can continue in fervent daily prayer with us.  Visit our prayer experience page to access more requests about Turkey.

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