December 2022

The greatest gospel gap in the world is in 50 countries—they have barely any new, thriving churches. And nearly 75% of all the world’s 3.6 billion unreached people live in 12 of those 50 countries. These people have the least access to the gospel in their own language.

Engage in strategic, focused prayer for the 12 countries of the world that are least reached with the gospel without ever leaving home.

Every month in 2022 we’ll feature one of these countries, familiarize you with its culture, and share prayer requests addressing the country’s specific needs. We believe the light of Jesus can shine through!

All about Russia

The most celebrated holiday in Russia is the New Year. Gatherings, feasts and gift exchanges begin on December 31, then on January 7, Orthodox Christmas is celebrated. Let’s join together to pray that many Russians would enter 2023 with a personal understanding of God’s amazing love for them!

Russia is the largest country in the world—it covers one tenth of the earth’s land area and spans 11 time zones! It is nearly two times the size of Canada, the second largest country.

Russia’s beautiful Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world and has more water that all the Great Lakes in North America combined.

In 1984, Russian Alexey Pajitnov created the first Tetris video game for the Electronika 60 computer.

While about 80 percent of the population are ethnic Russians, who trace their ancestry to the Slavs who settled in the area 1,500 years ago, there are 180 ethnic groups residing in Russia.

Moscow’s Kremlin is the biggest active medieval fortress in the world. It spans more than 67 acres with 1.5 miles of wall and twenty towers. It is known as a city within a city and represents the government of Russia.

Pray with us…

Ask God for more church-planting teams to serve throughout the country, and that through them a church would be established within easy reach of every person in Russia. Pray for 35 new churches to be established by the end of 2023.

Different forms of media—from full length movies to short films to social media posts to ads—can all be used to share the gospel in culturally relevant ways. Pray for godly wisdom in the creation and use of these different methods. May God use them to connect not-yet believers with resources that explain God’s love and salvation message.

Certain regions and people groups in Russian have very few Christians. Pray for the translation of Christ-centered resources into the languages of these unreached people groups.

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